2009 Bearfunk UK, available on 12″ vinyl – first installment of Horror Disco project – track list: A1 Disco For The Devil / A2 Sciarando El Scuro / B1 Cosmic Pizza / B2 – Bianca. Cosmic Pizza is exclusive to this EP and was produced with Gianluca Ballarin – buy  EP on beatport

Here at the Bearfunk cave we are thriller-ed to be putting out a tasty four track taster EP from the upcoming album (and concept!) that is ‘Horror Disco’. As a taster for the main event we open things up with ‘Disco For The Devil’. If Vincent Price & Giorgio Moroder had made Italo then this may have been the result. Douglas Meakin (Legendary UK – Italian emigre, session singer supreme and TV composer / vocalist) provides the perfectly sculptured vocal to hint at the carnage and blood to come.

Next up is ‘Sciarando El Scuro’, a unique blend of lazy disco and poliziesco, slasher b-movie soundtracks. Just in case you were wondering Sciarando El Scuro (pronounced ‘tscha-rando el scooroh’) is Venetian dialect and means ‘throwing light into the darkness’.

Side B opens up with an exclusive track, ‘Cosmic Pizza’. This layers choppy guitars and meandering juno style synth-lines over a space-disco tarantella (the traditional Italian triplet-based rhythm, don´t you know). Schaffel-schmaffell…