Six Ondines (with Sergio Messina)

An aural multiplication of Ravel’s Ondine piano work, six versions of which are superimposed and played back twice according to specific syncronization choices:
– the 1st time they are syncronized at very start;
– the 2nd time the syncronization is just before the finale.

Everywhere in between those two locked moments, the recordings wander off each to its timing and interpretation as equal (but not identical) layers following and chasing each other. Each layer also has its own positioning in the space. No version is given special importance, they all contribute equally to the overall result.

The project is for a 6 channel installation, with each speaker pointing inward from the corner of an hexagon.

(Instructions for a live performance adaptation are provided below)
[Marcel Rieder: Les Ondines, 1896]

istruzioni per un’esecuzione dal vivo
audio file (stereo version)

G. Bottin (February 2021) 14min:15sec (stereo version on youtube)