2012 TIN Records, collaboration with Rodion – 12″ single-sided vinyl (blue and white) manufactured by Phil Rizzi at Phonopress. Download from Bandcamp.

“Bottin confirms once again his alliance with synth maestro Rodion. The moustached duo delivers an incredibly sharp dance floor weapon aptly named “One For All”. Think Kraftwerk and Metro Area on a trip to Italy, going to a Rockets concert all spattered in silver body-paint. Cybernetic disco Humanized techno Decide for yourself. Pointy-edged synth layers cutting through the dancing bodies like a knife through butter, thrusting bass, piercing arpeggios, sexy warm chords, even a splash of guitar work and -icing on the space cake- an out-this-world chorus with Bottin’s own processed voice impersonating some charming Italo extraterrestrial. – Extremely small vinyl edition on starry midnight-blue heavyweight wax”.