Horror Disco is a project that fuses 70s and 80s b-movie soundtrack elements with disco music.
Initially conceived as a small record label under which releasing the songs under different monikers, it eventually became a 14-track cd album released under Bottin’s own name , accompanied by a handful of connected releases.

The album was preceded by a Horror Disco 12″ EP (featuring 3 songs from the album and the exclusive track Cosmic Pizza) and followed by the Disco For The Devil remixes 12″ (including versions by In Flagranti, Faze Action and a bonus space-disco track Pianeti not included in the album).

The first edition of the Horror Disco cd album came in a solid black case that contained a color square poster, the second cd edition came in in a clear case with a 2-page inlay. Later, a double-vinyl LP edition was pressed, with alternative mixes of Horror Disco track and Bianca, and the exclusive track Cape Especial.

music and concept by Bottin, design by Zaven, images by Fra-Me.

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