2008, Eskimo Recordings: Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 1 – available on cd and 12″ vinyl  – written and produced by G Bottin, electric bass by Piero Bittolo Bon

“There’s no question of Bottin’s “Fondamente Nove” being an outstanding outcome of the Nu-Disco scene, showing all its vintage feel while being deeply rooted in modern post-disco era. Just listen to the first few seconds of this track, and you can immediately realize where all of Bottin’s musical inspiration comes from – especially if you share the same musical taste and background: Late ’70s, early ’80s disco, italo-disco, and space/cosmic sound. Bottin proves not only his skill in creating an appealing blend of “classic” and modern sounds, but also a musical talent rather uncommon among today’s DJs”  –D. Sven