Cristalli Liquidi is a mysterious neo-italo-wave band produced by Bottin from 2012. After a short string of 12” weird singles, they released an album consisting of both originals and remakes of obscure Italian pop songs, given new life. With the album, the mystery can now by unveiled: Cristalli Liquidi is not a band, not in the conventional sense of the word.It’s entirely Bottin’s music, lyrics and vocals, with a little help from his friends Polosid and Alexander Robotnick. Sun-blushed synthesizer arrangements and italo disco beats embraced by vocals steeped in enigmatic vocals in Italian, no less. Cristalli Liquidi finally hit the road as a real band (Bottin on vocals and keyboards, with Frank Agrario on acoustic drums and electronic percussion) and performed live in clubs and music festivals around Italy.

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