Second bootleg re-edits 12″ for the Artifact Records project 12″ blue vinyl (private pressing)
Side A: Message From The Leader – Side B: Turn On

Review: Bottin revisits his Artifacts series for a third time, retaining the visual theme of clear coloured vinyl (blue in case you were wondering) and the musical concept of digging into the disco heritage of days gone by in the Italian triumvate of bicep flexing fun that was Rimini, Milan and Venice. “Message From The Leader” stands apart from the glut of substandard edits these days, expertly splicing between passages, retaining the raw power of the source yet presented in a contemporary sheen that could feasibly provide a brief respite amidst a house set. Check the flip for “Turn On” which commences with a killer cowbell heavy intro before launching into a typically beefed up main groove that slips slick vocal hooks over a low reaching arpeggio bass. (JUNO)