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2021 • Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon film soundtrack
2021 • Joy Frempong’s Chance and Change sound programming
2021 Six Ondines multi-channel sound installation
2021Quality Time library music
2020 • Parma 2020 sound design for Italian Capital of Culture
2020 • Andromeda FM live radio and podcast
2019 •• ongoing Biennale CIMM
2019 • Alessandro Mendini: Extrasussurrante
2018 • Robottin, live electronics with Alexander Robotnick
2016 • Perfect Mind, collaboration with Chiara Fumai
2016 • Deardrums collaboration with L. di Angilla
2012 • Dirty audio/visual limited edition (hand printed 12″ record)
2012 •• ongoing Cristalli Liquidi neo Italian wave band
2011 • Luigi Nono’s “Incontri” rework
2009 • Sciame 1/Swarm 1, installation
2009 • Horror Disco
2009 • La Battaglia di San Martino e Solferino, with Lucio Dalla
2009 • Solange: Robots Are Un-American
2006 • On Translation: Muntadas at the 51st Biennale
2004-2006 • Speak Truth To Power, theatre
2003 • Automobili live performance at Palazzo Te

2021 “Quality Time“Industrie Discografiche Lacerba (IT)
2020 “Ragazza/Madreas Cristalli Liquidi, Lacerba (IT) q-disc
2017 “I Have What I Gave“, 2MR (US)
2017 “Cristalli Liquidi” as Cristalli Liquidi, BaP (NL)
2016 “Deardrumsas Deardrums, 2MR (US)
2014 “Punica Fides“, Bear Funk (UK)
2012 “Jabberwock” as Tinpong, Nang (UK)
2010 “Discoursive Diversions, Nang (UK) remix album
2009 “Horror Disco“, Bear Funk (UK)
2004 “I Love Me Vol. Ifeat. Lucio Dalla, Tudor (IT)
2002 “Chill Reception” Irma Records (IT)

Singles and EPs
2021 “Love Life/Delta Tigrew/ Francisco & Fernando, Artifact (NL)
2020 “Ragazza/Madre” 10-inch as Cristalli Liquidi, Lacerba (IT)
2019 “Respiraré/Waterland“, Artifact (NL)
2018 “Ecco I Remixas Cristalli Liquidi, BAP (NL)
2017 “Arreboles“, Chit Chat (US)
2017 “Y.A.M.L.feat. Lavinia Claws, 2MR (US)
2010 “Q.I.L.D.E.” as Cristalli Liquidi feat. Polosid, Artifact (NL)
2017 “Dum Dum/Mami Wata/Darknessas Deardrums, 2MR (US)
2016 “Sciame as Cristalli Liquidi, Artifact (NL) + Robotnick remix
2016 “Aquila/Mayan Machineas Deardrums, 2MR (US)
2015 “Parade/Robottinwith Robotnick, Hot Elephant (Italy)
2015 “Acid Disco“, Slow Motion (DE)
2015 “Parody / Progressowith Rodion, Bear Funk (UK)
2014 “Incubo Assolutoas Cristalli Liquidi, Artifact (NL)
2013 “Canzone Registrataas Cristalli Liquidi, Artifact (NL)
2013 “Plastic“, TIN (NL) + Inflagranti remix
2013 “One For Allwith Rodion, TIN (NL)
2012 “Dirtyscreen-printed 12″, TIN (NL)
2012 “Lustsingle-sided 12″, TIN (NL)
2012 “Volevi Una Hitas Cristalli Liquidi, Artifact (NL)
2012 “Sage Comme Une Imageft. Jupiter, Z Records (UK)
2011 “Atzaro with Rusty Egan & Justus Kõhncke, Blitz Club (UK)
2011 “Shooting Starwith Rodion, Nang (UK)
2011 “Jabberwock EPas Tinpong, Nang (UK)
2010 “Space/Zombie Eroticas BFR, Eskimo (BE)
2011 “Discocracy Revisited“, Eskimo (BE)
2010 “Galli/Piazza Veneziawith Rodion, Eskimo (BE)
2010 “Red Onions“, Gomma (DE)
2010 “Theme From V, Nang (UK)
2010 “Discocracy/August“, Eskimo (BE)
2010 “Hot Ringwith Stevie Kotey, Bear Funk (UK)
2010 “Robots Are Un-American“, Italians Do It Better (US)
2010 “New Religionas Tinpong, Nang (UK)
2009 “No Static“, Italians Do It Better (US)
2009 “Horror Disco Sampler EP” Bear Funk (UK)
2009 “Disco For The Devil” Bear Funk (UK)
2008 “Fondamente Nove“, Eskimo (BE)
2002 “Playing Hard To Get” Irma Records (IT)
1999 “Good Morning Sunshine” Irma Records (IT)

Remixes commissioned by the respective artist or label
2019 “Alessandro Mendini: Extrasussurrante“, Lacerba (IT)
2019 “Ichisan: Space Patrol“, Kanto Records (ES)
2018 “NDT: Warm Leatherette“, We Don’t Play Gtrs, MX)
2017 “Soundersons: Can’t Get Enough, Paper (MX)
2017 “Pete Herbert: No Big Thing“, Riot Gear (UK)
2017 “Tulioxi: Apollo 409“, Hot Elephant Records (IT)
2016 “Rimini Sunset: Sunrise“, Lebensfreude Records (DE)
2016 “Frank Agrario: Thrun Dha Tha“, Micronation (UK)
2015 “Museum Of Love: In Infancy“, DFA (US)
2015 “World’s End Press: Tall Stories“, Liberation (AU)
2014 “Arveene & Misk: Don’t Stop“, Animal Language (DE)
2014 “Visage: Never Enough“, Blitz Club (UK)
2014 “Oy: Akwaba“,Creaked Records (CH)
2014 “Data: Soldier’s Flag“, Ekler’O’Shock (FR)
2014 “Elitechnique: Bizarre Love Triangle“, Tin (IT)
2013 “Spiller: Urastar feat. Nina Miranda“, Nano (IT)
2012 “Andre VII: Discoteca Clandestina“, Electrique (MX)
2012 “Martin Brodin: Agogo“, MB Disco (SE)
2011 “Nassau: Errol Flynn” , TBM Records (US)
2011 “Blood Orange: Complete Knock“, Domino (UK)
2011 “MissPlugInn: Chanson“, Cocktail D’Amore (DE)
2011 “Tuccillo feat. Patty Pravo: Bambola“,Vendetta (ES)
2010 “Time & Space Machine: Phasers To Stun“, Tirk (UK)
2010 “Philippos N: Stealth” FresHit (UK)
2010 “Solarstone: Electric Love” Solaris (UK)
2010 “Lindstrøm: Paaskelyd” Bear Funk (UK)
2010 “Sally Shapiro: Fantasy“, Permanent Vacation (DE)
2010 “Telonius: Hit Me With Your Rhythm“, Gomma (DE)
2010 “King Dj: Escape From New York“, Nang (UK)
2010 “In Flagranti: Ex Ex Ex“, Codek (CH)
2009 “Ali Love: Smoke And Mirrors“, Back Yard (UK)
2009 “Pollyn: I Can’t Get Into It“, US
2009 “Lost Valentinos: Nightmoves“, EtcEtc (AU)
2009 “Space: Carry On Turn Me On“, Nang (UK)
2009 “Space: Tango In Space“, Nang (UK)
2009 “Oscar G. & Stryke: Hypnotized“, Hooj Choones (UK)
2009 “Solange: Robots Are Dub-American“, Italians Do It Better
2009 “Tosca: Elektra Bregenz“,G-Stone (AT)
2009 “Jupiter: Starlighter“, ESR/La Main (FR)
2009 “The Emergency: Fantasy“, Metal Postcard (US)
2009 “Wax Stag: And How“, People In The Sky (UK)
2009 “Codebreaker: Follow Me“, Disco Demolition (US)
2007 “MissPlugInn: Zodiac“, Music Control (CH)
2005 “Rettore: Splendido Splendente“, Novunque/Self (IT)
2004 “Sergio Caputo: Non Bevo Più Tequila“, Idiosyncracy (IT)

Edits and reworks limited 12″ unofficial releases
2021 “
A Certain Pleasure, Artifact (NL)
2020Manifesto Balearico/Got Headphones“, Artifact (NL)
2020Catch A Thrill“, Wonder Edits (US)
2019 “Szabor Violento“, Violette Szabo (NL)
2019 “Domenica/Cha/Chico/Grace“, Artifact (NL)
2018 “Phil Hip Pony“, Rollover (IT)
2015 “Up!/Park“, Whiskey Disco (US)
2013 “Riding With Lucio“, Artifact (NL)
2012 “Speed/Frisbee“, Artifact (NL)
2011 “Clio: Eyeswith Dimovi, Clone (NL)
2011 “Cathode Ray Disco”, Discofil (SE) compilation
2011 “Massage From The Leader/Turn On“, Artifact (NL)
2010 “Aextacy/Teak Lover“, Artifact (NL)
2010 “Sage Oil/Hot Lizard“, Artifact (NL)
2009 “Eagle/Stork“, Perseo (US)
2009 “Baden/OneZillionePence/Closeau“, Magick Edit (NL)

2018 • La Bellezza Riunita
2018 • Mutazioni, a collection of Italian disco edits
2010 •• ongoing Artifact Records
2007-2008 • Venezia Tuona, electronic busking in Venice
2005 • Tinpong, with J. Frempong and P. Bittolo Bon

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