Dj set at Seta Party: recorded at Summit Club, Bari (March 2018) download
Live at Radio Raheem: recorded in Milan (October 2017) download
Transmission #8
: Château du Petit Thouars (January 2017) download
Marble Bar: session in Detroit (March 2016) download
Red Doors: session at Wilden Renate, Berlin (March 2016) download
DHA 188: Mix for Deep House Amsterdam (Feb 2016) download
Antiferiado: evening session in Buenos Aires (Feb 2016) download
Transmission #7: Mix En Bouche party, Marseille (May 2015) download
Transmission #6: Brooklyn NYC (April 2015) download
Transmission #5 (October 2014) playlist
Transmission #4 (June 2014) playlist
Beats In Space Radio Show #732 (June 2014) playlist
Radio 2 In the Mix (February 2014) no playlist
Transmission #3 (March 2014) playlist
Transmission #2 (December 2013) playlist
Transmission #1 (November 2013) playlist
Mix for Trax Magazine (October 2012) no playlist
Can Cosmic #2 (Bottin+Dimovi, September 2012) no playlist
Back In Fashion (June 2012) no playlist
Sicuramente: We Love Space exclusive (January 2012) no playlist
Can Cosmic Tape #1 (Bottin+Dimovi, September 2011) no playlist
We Love Space exclusive (June 2011) playlist
Telerama mix for Télérama radio, Paris (March 2011) playlist
Live mix for Ibiza Sonica radio (March 2011) no playlist
Exclusive mix for Oki-Ni (November 2010) playlist
Disco Roo - Mix for TripleJ Radio, Australia (September 2010) playlist
Discousive Diversions - Promo Summary Mix (June 2010) playlist
The Right Knobs - Club Mix (May 2010) no playlist
Disco For The Family (October 2009) playlist
Melatonin Fix Mix (September 2009) playlist
Live Fast, Dance Slow (June 2009) playlist
Disco Aestethics (January 2009) playlist
When Italians Did It Better (January 2009) playlist
Space Lovers Come On Sunday (Lazy Sunday Mix, December 2008) playlist
The Infamous Barbie Shuffle Mix (November 2008) playlist
The Infamous Barbie Shuffle Mix (Part Two) (February 2009) playlist
Discoqueer Party Promo Mix (October 2008) playlist
12 Italo 12 Inches (March 2008) playlist